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Where did the US embassy move in Moscow?

While researching the Siberian Seven for Has anyone else been holed up in a foreign embassy like Julian Assange?, I read this article from 1981 that said there may be another problem with them staying at the embassy: …in a few years, even that could conceivably present problems: The embassy is scheduled to move to new quarters. Out… Read More »

Where have National Guard units been deployed internationally?

When I was researching the deadliest battle in American history, I read about National Guard units being deployed in World War I. This was odd for me because I had assumed that National Guard units were mainly deployed domestically to maintain order during civil discord or during natural disasters. I remembered that they were deployed during… Read More »

Where were ships manufactured for the Confederacy?

During the Civil War, the South was largely agrarian and had little to no manufacturing capabilities. Yet, in order to compete against the Union’s Navy, they created ironclads. (Ironclads are, essentially, armored wooden ships that are able to take down unarmored wooden ships much more easily.) The Civil War was the first conflict where both sides fought… Read More »

How many people have been drafted? And how many times?

During the Civil War, of the 2.1 million Union soldiers, 2% were drafted and 6% were substitutes in lieu of being drafted. Roughly 12% of the Confederate Army (estimated at roughly a million soldiers) were estimated by experts to have been drafted. (This is estimated  because there are no surviving records of the Confederacy.) Union Army –… Read More »

What are the biggest deviations in popular and electoral vote?

While writing “What other presidents and candidates have been considered demagogues?”, I was reminded of the other two articles I wrote about presidential elections and wondered which elections had the biggest margins. Here are the results: Year Winner Popular Margin Electoral Margin Difference 1980 Ronald Reagan 50.75% 90.89% 40.14% 1912 Woodrow Wilson 41.84% 81.92% 40.08%… Read More »

Who runs GPS?

I was listening to the Freakonomics  podcast episode 260 “Why Are We Still Using Cash?”. Manu Saadia, author of Trekonomics, was talking about the money-less universe of Star Trek. His assertion was that we could be motivated by the greater public good instead of money and there’s some precedent in current times: GPS. The GPS system was created… Read More »

In what states are Mexicans not the dominant Hispanic minority?

More than half of my city is of Mexican descent. It’s an integral part of who I am. It’s weird when I go anywhere else that doesn’t have panderias and lavanderias. Because I find it interesting how Mexican my city is, I often wanna know how other people in different areas experience Mexican culture. One of… Read More »