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What were Twitter’s competitors: Pluggd and Dodgeball?

While researching how Twitter was created, I ran into this really great Techcrunch article that announced the release of Twitter. In it, they compare it to Dodgeball and someone else commented about it being similar to Pluggd. Dodgeball was a service that was founded in 2000 by an Alex Rainert. It let you text your location and… Read More »

Simple Saturday 7 : Project Scorpio VR, Indian literacy & Twitter SMS

Why does Ctrl-S crash PuTTY? It’s a throwback to the old days and apparently stops the transfer connection. Ctrl-Q should continue it. (Source) How much beef does America produce internationally? 19% is the leading producer of beef, internationally. (Source) How long will it take before consoles start doing virtual reality? Next year. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio… Read More »