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What Clinton vandalism is Drudge Report referencing?

I was reviewing old Drudge Report news articles to research political bias and read about how when the Clinton administration vacated the White House. I wanted to know what specifically this was. A Google search turned up a New York Times article about what happened. W’s were removed from keyboards. Messages against the new President… Read More »

When did presidential polling contradict the election results?

After “researching”, I found that nearly all election results were within 4% of polling results. Interestingly, the largest deviation at 5% was also the one election where the person that polling indicated would win was the one who lost: Truman vs. Dewey. The year is 1948. Harry Truman has issued a peacetime military draft. Babe Ruth dies… Read More »

Did Putin violate the Constitution?

After Putin did his first two terms as President, Dmitry Medvedev became President. Putin served as Prime Minister under him. Then when Medvedev left officer, Putin went back to being President. In America, this is a violation of our constitution. I assumed that Russia surely has similar term limits and Putin, with all of the power… Read More »