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Which acts of President Bush did Obama immediately repeal upon taking office?

Donald Trump has run on a platform of reversing many of the things Obama has set in motion during his presidency. This made me wonder, “What acts of President Bush did Obama reverse upon being inaugurated?” I asked on /r/Ask_Politics and /u/tayaravaknin’s answer was essential to pointing me in the right direction   Executive Order 13233 – Further… Read More »

Secondhand Sunday 5 : Donald Trump, Fidel Castro, & Software To Report Sexual Assault

Via Motherboard How Pro Wrestling Fans Watched Foreign Matches Before the Internet Why Personal Trainers May Not Be Immune from Automation Via Business Insider: Why airplanes have tiny holes in the windows How Fidel Castro rose to become Cuba’s controversial leader for 5 decades How Amazon can become the world’s first trillion-dollar business Here’s why… Read More »

Secondhand Sunday 3 : Dump Trucks, Emails, Virtual Reality & Arizona Iced Tea

Via Business Insider: Why Trump Tower and Clinton’s election-night location are surrounded with dump trucks full of sand  How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen ‘It’s not a complicated or improvised process’: How it’s possible to examine 650,000 emails in 8 days How a Silicon Valley billionaire helped get marijuana fully legalized… Read More »

Secondhand Sunday 2 : Shaq, Trump, Hulk Hogan, etc.

Why treating diabetes keeps getting more expensive via WonkBlog @ Washington Post Why does Hulk Hogan get to wear a bandana in court? via WTSP How good was Shaq? via Quora If Trump loses the election will he run for other political offices or just go back to the hotels? via Quora How to reopen/reactivate your Amazon Associate account via Chris… Read More »

What other presidents and candidates have been considered demagogues?

Demagogue. Demagoguery.  I was aware of those words before the 2016 presidential election but I didn’t really know what they meant. I didn’t bother to look it up but I assumed demagogue was a politician who plays off of the worst, most basest instincts in a group of people to get votes. According to Wiktionary, demagogue… Read More »

What loophole is Trump taking advantage of on his 1995 tax return?

On October 2, 2016, the New York Times published a story about how Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, reported a nearly billion dollar loss in 1995. The total net losses reported to the IRS in 1995 was nearly fifty billion dollars so Trump’s losses represent 2% of of the sum total for that year. This was picked… Read More »

How long have people been using the slogan “Make American Great Again”?

This is a micro-post, but I was just so jazzed when I learned about this.  I was reading about Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign for a question that I was answering and I learned that the Republican National Committee had a slogan “Make America Great Again”. This made me think that maybe the current Donald Trump… Read More »