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Do other countries have Thanksgiving?

Before I started digging into Thanksgiving, I thought it was just some kind of historical holiday where Pilgrims were able to peacefully interact with Native Americans and survive the winter. Eventually, in modern times it became this vague holiday about “giving thanks” and “being thankful”. Thanksgiving is a traditional celebration of harvest. Given that people… Read More »

Secondhand Sunday 3 : Dump Trucks, Emails, Virtual Reality & Arizona Iced Tea

Via Business Insider: Why Trump Tower and Clinton’s election-night location are surrounded with dump trucks full of sand  How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen ‘It’s not a complicated or improvised process’: How it’s possible to examine 650,000 emails in 8 days How a Silicon Valley billionaire helped get marijuana fully legalized… Read More »

Simple Saturday 1: Cell Phones Dropped Off Roller Coasters, Jay Z’s tattoos & Larry Page’s voice

What happened to the lawsuit against 2 Chains for calling that girl “thot”? Dismissed. Are there derogatory terms for Canadians? Yes. What is the Goldwater rule? It is a rule barring psychiatrists from speculating on the mental health of a celebrity. This was established in 1973 after Fact magazine published a poll of psychiatrists speculating about… Read More »