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What other forts remained in Union hands in the South?

While writing this post on the role Florida played in the Civil War, I learned how different forts in Florida remained in Union hands despite Florida being a Confederate state. This got me wondering if other forts in the South remained under Union control as well. It’s a very specific bit of trivia so I… Read More »

What single battle created the most amount of American casualties?

I was reading about the Battle of Olustee as part of my research for What role did Florida play in the Civil War? The Battle of Olustee had one of the highest percentages of casualty rates for both sides. This got me thinking, “What single battle created the most amount of American casualties?” I know that the highest… Read More »

What role did Florida play in the Civil War?

Recently, I answered How was the Civil War engaged in Texas? and that spurred a whole series of questions. While researching one of those other questions, I looked at the map of the Confederate States and noticed that, surprisingly, Florida was a Confederate state as well. Now from what I know, Florida wasn’t really populated or developed until the… Read More »

Where were ships manufactured for the Confederacy?

During the Civil War, the South was largely agrarian and had little to no manufacturing capabilities. Yet, in order to compete against the Union’s Navy, they created ironclads. (Ironclads are, essentially, armored wooden ships that are able to take down unarmored wooden ships much more easily.) The Civil War was the first conflict where both sides fought… Read More »