Why does Czech Republic have the lowest unemployment in EU?

I was reading through a Wikipedia article on the Czech Republic while researching countries that were able to dissolve peacefully. During this research, I ran into an interesting bit of trivia that the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the European union. Surely, there has to be some reason why this is the… Read More »

Who runs WikiLeaks?

Recently, a series of leaks by WikiLeaks has been dominating the new cycle. From the Podesta hack, to the DNC hack, to the emails released from Hillary Clinton’s email server, the leaks are legion. But who runs WikiLeaks? To me, WikiLeaks is just some organization that continually leaks documents of a sensitive nature that dominate… Read More »

Meaningless Monday 5: Concrete Dividers & Search Engines

Why do the concrete dividers on the freeway have numbers on each individual one? As I was driving down the freeway, I could see number spray painted on each center divider. I assumed this was a remnant of how they kept track of construction materials, but I just wanted to make sure so I posted… Read More »

Secondhand Sunday 4: Mars, McMahon & NES Nostalgia

via Business Insider: Here’s why some people have a tiny hole above their ears Why McDonald’s and Chipotle test new food concepts in Ohio NASA’s Chief Scientist explains how the first humans on Mars will breathe The epic story of how Vince McMahon created WWE and conquered pro wrestling   Here’s Why Disney Is the… Read More »

What games would have been huge if the devs hadn’t messed it up?

I was reading this interview with Mojang CEO. It talked about all the various reasons why Minecraft got as big as it did. Essentially, because of how simplistic the game is, it required people to use their imagination to make up for the graphics limitations. People could then project whatever they wanted on to the gameplay.… Read More »

Simple Saturday 5 : Shawshank, Taxes & Vote By Gender

How long has releasing tax returns been a presidential tradition? While listening to NPR Politics, they mentioned that Donald Trump was the first president to break from this tradition that has been upheld by the last 8 presidents and for the last 47 years. The first president to begin doing so was Nixon but other… Read More »

Who won the beef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent?

I always thought Jay Z won the Jay-Z / Nas beef. But I’m not a fan of Nas so it’s completely understandable that I would think that. Oddly, in hip hop parlance, getting ethered is when you get destroyed and yet, I still thought Jay-Z won. I’ve listened to Ether in the past but I don’t… Read More »