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What president was villified during his presidency but is fondly remembered?

Harry Truman was a controversial president. He ascended to presidency during the final months of World War II after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was responsible for approving the plan to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the beginning of his first term, Truman had to deal with the largest labor strike… Read More »

Where did the US embassy move in Moscow?

While researching the Siberian Seven for Has anyone else been holed up in a foreign embassy like Julian Assange?, I read this article from 1981 that said there may be another problem with them staying at the embassy: …in a few years, even that could conceivably present problems: The embassy is scheduled to move to new quarters. Out… Read More »

Has anyone else been holed up in a foreign embassy like Julian Assange?

Recently, I was watching an episode of The Blacklist where a character seeks sanctuary inside a Russian embassy because they’re being pursued by law enforcement. They make a deal to be transported to Russia to escape prosecution and The Blacklist team is powerless to stop the vehicle transporting them out of the embassy. That’s how I always… Read More »

What are some Supreme Court original cases?

Two kinds of cases are put before the Supreme Court: appeals from the appeals court and original jurisdiction cases.  Original jurisdiction cases are usually between states. There haven’t been that many. Its Wikipedia page only lists about 27 cases. A lot of cases were over border disputes: New Hampshire v. Maine, Florida v. Georgia, Maryland v. West Virginia, New… Read More »

Who designed the US flag?

Recently, I was reading about the District of Columbia attempting to become a US State instead of a Federal District and all of the various things that could arise from that situation. An interesting thing they brought up was how the US flag will change after Washington DC becomes the next US state. This got… Read More »

Did rival gang members really tie their bandannas together in solidarity like in Straight Outta Compton?

Last year, I was watching Straight Outta Compton and during the movie, there’s a scene that depicts the LA riots. In that scene, a Blood and a Crip tie their respective bandannas together as a show of solidarity against the police. I was pretty dismissive when I first saw that scene. It felt like heavy-handed… Read More »

Where were ships manufactured for the Confederacy?

During the Civil War, the South was largely agrarian and had little to no manufacturing capabilities. Yet, in order to compete against the Union’s Navy, they created ironclads. (Ironclads are, essentially, armored wooden ships that are able to take down unarmored wooden ships much more easily.) The Civil War was the first conflict where both sides fought… Read More »