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Secondhand Sunday 4: Mars, McMahon & NES Nostalgia

via Business Insider: Here’s why some people have a tiny hole above their ears Why McDonald’s and Chipotle test new food concepts in Ohio NASA’s Chief Scientist explains how the first humans on Mars will breathe The epic story of how Vince McMahon created WWE and conquered pro wrestling   Here’s Why Disney Is the… Read More »

Did Pieter Levels finish 12 Startups in 12 Months?

This is completely random. While doing research for Do it! Prove it!, I stumbled upon a site called GoFuckingDoIt, this site is owned by Pieter Levels. From what I’ve been able to glean, he’s a technonomad from Denmark who is more widely known for starting a startup called Nomad List. What he’s really well known for… Read More »

Do I need to use a turn signal in a roundabout?

We have one roundabout in the town that I live in. It’s a foreign concept to me, but it’s nice to be acquainted with new things. One thing I’ve noticed is that every time I use the roundabout, I never use a turn signal. This violates the central precept that I live by when driving:… Read More »