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Simple Saturday 8: Bush, Christian Jews / Jewish Christians, & Autonomous Vehicles

At what point did Christianity withdraw from Judaism as a separate entity? In the first century after Jesus’ here was debate whether followers of Christ needed to be circumcised in order to be Christians and because Jesus opened the faith to gentiles, it was decided that the strict requirements placed on Jews were no longer applicable.… Read More »

Simple Saturday 7 : Project Scorpio VR, Indian literacy & Twitter SMS

Why does Ctrl-S crash PuTTY? It’s a throwback to the old days and apparently stops the transfer connection. Ctrl-Q should continue it. (Source) How much beef does America produce internationally? 19% is the leading producer of beef, internationally. (Source) How long will it take before consoles start doing virtual reality? Next year. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio… Read More »

Simple Saturday 6 : 13.1 Stickers, One Time, & Thanksgiving

Why doesn’t Keepass have an e-mail slot? Keepass does allow custom strings, which could be used for e-mail addresses. (Source)   Is Colombia the fifth largest country in the New World? No. I thought the countries were ranked in order of population as so: United States of America Brazil Mexico Canada Colombia Wrong! It’s actually: United… Read More »

Simple Saturday 5 : Shawshank, Taxes & Vote By Gender

How long has releasing tax returns been a presidential tradition? While listening to NPR Politics, they mentioned that Donald Trump was the first president to break from this tradition that has been upheld by the last 8 presidents and for the last 47 years. The first president to begin doing so was Nixon but other… Read More »

Simple Saturday 4 : Afghanistan, dollar cabs, & SEO

How much money remains uncollected from gift cards?  $41 billion from 2005-2011. (Source) Why were the Soviets in Afghanistan? To prop up the current Communist regime. (Source) Do editors change headlines to get better SEO (search engine optimization)? Yes. (Source) Do only tourists pay for parking meters in Los Angeles? No, but tourists sometimes pay… Read More »

Simple Saturday 1: Cell Phones Dropped Off Roller Coasters, Jay Z’s tattoos & Larry Page’s voice

What happened to the lawsuit against 2 Chains for calling that girl “thot”? Dismissed. Are there derogatory terms for Canadians? Yes. What is the Goldwater rule? It is a rule barring psychiatrists from speculating on the mental health of a celebrity. This was established in 1973 after Fact magazine published a poll of psychiatrists speculating about… Read More »