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What’s a milkman?

Milkmen are archaic vestiges of a once great America. I don’t think its’s a coincidence that home delivery of milk and American hegemony both began to wane at the same time. Jokes aside, the milkman is a cultural institution. A mainstay of the 1950s, back when “things were so much better”. Yet, even though this… Read More »

What is the largest American flag?

  I am a patriotic American and like many patriotic Americans, my patriotism starts and ends with the American flag. So often I see people driving with American flags on their vehicles. Little, tiny American flags that they attach to their window. That’s not patriotism. A true American would never settle for some tiny American… Read More »

When did presidential polling contradict the election results?

After “researching”, I found that nearly all election results were within 4% of polling results. Interestingly, the largest deviation at 5% was also the one election where the person that polling indicated would win was the one who lost: Truman vs. Dewey. The year is 1948. Harry Truman has issued a peacetime military draft. Babe Ruth dies… Read More »