Monthly Archives: December 2016

Has anyone else been holed up in a foreign embassy like Julian Assange?

Recently, I was watching an episode of The Blacklist where a character seeks sanctuary inside a Russian embassy because they’re being pursued by law enforcement. They make a deal to be transported to Russia to escape prosecution and The Blacklist team is powerless to stop the vehicle transporting them out of the embassy. That’s how I always… Read More »

Simple Saturday 7 : Project Scorpio VR, Indian literacy & Twitter SMS

Why does Ctrl-S crash PuTTY? It’s a throwback to the old days and apparently stops the transfer connection. Ctrl-Q should continue it. (Source) How much beef does America produce internationally? 19% is the leading producer of beef, internationally. (Source) How long will it take before consoles start doing virtual reality? Next year. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio… Read More »

What other forts remained in Union hands in the South?

While writing this post on the role Florida played in the Civil War, I learned how different forts in Florida remained in Union hands despite Florida being a Confederate state. This got me wondering if other forts in the South remained under Union control as well. It’s a very specific bit of trivia so I… Read More »

Were there black hippies?

While reading through my newsfeed, I saw an article about Black Hippy. This got me thinking about about the hippie movement and how it seemed so few of them were black. It makes sense though. If you think about how it was back then, America was divided by race. To a much more ridiculous degree than… Read More »