Which acts of President Bush did Obama immediately repeal upon taking office?

By | December 13, 2016

Donald Trump has run on a platform of reversing many of the things Obama has set in motion during his presidency. This made me wonder, “What acts of President Bush did Obama reverse upon being inaugurated?” I asked on /r/Ask_Politics and /u/tayaravaknin’s answer was essential to pointing me in the right direction


Executive Order 13233 – Further Implementation of the Presidential Records Act

Basically, Bush set it up to where if a Freedom of Information Act was requested to the National Archivist about a former president, the former president and incumbent president would have 90 days to approve or deny this request. Barring compelling circumstance, the incumbent president should go along with the former president’s wishes. This executive order changed that. Though, I can’t really tell how.

Executive Order 13440  – Interpretation of the Geneva Conventions Common Article 3 as Applied to a Program of Detention and Interrogation Operated by the Central Intelligence Agency

In his Executive Order, Bush basically stated that because the United States of America is fighting against terrorists and not legitimate armed combatants of nation-state, they are not entitled to the rights outlined in the Geneva Convention. Obama revoked and stated that we will follow the Geneva Convention.

Executive Order 13204  – Revocation of Executive Order on Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Certain Contracts

When a service contract expired with a contractor and is awarded to a new contractor, normally, the new contractor will continue to employ the employees for the sake of those employees and for the experienced workforce. Sometimes, they don’t. They fire everyone and hire new staff to work the contract instead. In 1994, Clinton issued an Executive Order to the Labor Secretary to prevent this. Bush revoked this in 2001 and Obama reinstated it.

Executive Order 13201  – Notification of Employee Rights Concerning Payment of Union Dues or Fees

It appears that Bush basically wanted to end the requirement for Unions to force non-Union members to pay dues. Because the line from the original Executive Order that stands out the most is:

“Under Federal law, employees cannot be required to join a union or maintain
membership in a union in order to retain their jobs.

This is omitted and appears to be revoked in Obama’s Executive Order.

Executive Order 13258 – Amending Executive Order 12866 on Regulatory Planning and Review & Executive Order 13422  – Further Amendment to Executive Order 12866 on Regulatory Planning and Review 

Bush made some changes to the regulatory process established by Clinton’s Executive Order 12866 –
Regulatory Planning and Review in 1993 and basically deregulation the regulation process, with the Vice President no longer responsible for the process and changing “regulations” to “guidance documents”. Obama revoked this.

Executive Order 13202 – Preservation of Open Competition and Government Neutrality Towards Government Contractors’ Labor Relations on Federal and Federally Funded Construction ProjectsExecutive Order 13208
Amendment to Executive Order 13202, Preservation of Open Competition and Government Neutrality Towards Government Contractors’ Labor Relations on Federal and Federally Funded Construction Projects

Basically, Bush made it to where government entities could not factor in whether a construction company was using union labor in its decision to award a service contract. Obama revoked this and made it mandatory for construction contractors to use union labor.

Executive Order 13435 – Expanding Approved Stem Cell Lines in Ethically Responsible Ways

Bush stated that stem cell research can not include any human embryos. Obama revoked this.

Executive Order 13292 – Further Amendment to Executive Order 12958, as Amended, Classified National Security Information

This particular Executive Order was way too long for me to read through, but according to Wikipedia, it basically redefined the individuals who can established the security classification of something and created the National Declassification Center.


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