Simple Saturday 8: Bush, Christian Jews / Jewish Christians, & Autonomous Vehicles

By | December 10, 2016

At what point did Christianity withdraw from Judaism as a separate entity?

In the first century after Jesus’ here was debate whether followers of Christ needed to be circumcised in order to be Christians and because Jesus opened the faith to gentiles, it was decided that the strict requirements placed on Jews were no longer applicable. Eventually, because of this and because of anti-Jewish sentiment, the two groups separated from each other. (Source)

Why is it a big deal that Bush banned stem cell research on human embryos?

A lot of it is a reaction to the underlying pro-life sentiment behind the federal funding ban, but it severely limits our understanding of stem cell technology. (Source)

How is the distance between power lines determined?

“It’s an engineering decision to determine the spacing. As others have said, operating voltage is the biggest factor. But also, the wingspan of the local birds is also a consideration. On one of my projects, I had to replace the cross arms on the poles with longer ones. Not because of the voltage, but the asshole Canadian geese were shorting out the conductors and getting themselves fried.” (Source)

If I walk into the road to walk to my car door, can an autonomous vehicle distinguish between that and crossing the street?

“We are not talking an AI here. Autonomous car is a very well programmed algorythm designed to use sensory data to act accordingly. However it WILL NOT and IS incapable of predicting human behaviour, especially as a pedestrian. Hell, even people are bad at times at predicting other people behaviour on the road. If You are in the driveway waiting for vehicles to pass in order to open your door on the side of the road, then I am 99% sure an autonomous car will judge your act as an unexpected pedestrian crossing and act accordingly. If you open a door of your vehicle in front of an oncoming autonomous car I think it will react the same way as a human driver would, try to avoid driving into it…”(Source)

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