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Secondhand Sunday 4: Mars, McMahon & NES Nostalgia

via Business Insider: Here’s why some people have a tiny hole above their ears Why McDonald’s and Chipotle test new food concepts in Ohio NASA’s Chief Scientist explains how the first humans on Mars will breathe The epic story of how Vince McMahon created WWE and conquered pro wrestling   Here’s Why Disney Is the… Read More »

Simple Saturday 5 : Shawshank, Taxes & Vote By Gender

How long has releasing tax returns been a presidential tradition? While listening to NPR Politics, they mentioned that Donald Trump was the first president to break from this tradition that has been upheld by the last 8 presidents and for the last 47 years. The first president to begin doing so was Nixon but other… Read More »

Where have National Guard units been deployed internationally?

When I was researching the deadliest battle in American history, I read about National Guard units being deployed in World War I. This was odd for me because I had assumed that National Guard units were mainly deployed domestically to maintain order during civil discord or during natural disasters. I remembered that they were deployed during… Read More »

How do Notorious BIG’s children feel about Tupac?

As a child, I remember the East Coast West Coast beef much like another child might remember a wrestling rivalry. The drama of the situation in hindsight was clearly manufactured for ratings, but that wasn’t clear to me then. At the forefront of the East Coast West Coast Beef was Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG.… Read More »

Whatever Happened Wedneday 1: Is al-Baghdadi dead?

I was reading about ISIS this morning and I remembered some of my research from what would eventually become Thousand Word Tuesdays. I remembered that al-Baghdadi was supposedly killed this year. For those of you who don’t know, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (not to be confused with his predecessor, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi) is the current leader… Read More »

What Clinton vandalism is Drudge Report referencing?

I was reviewing old Drudge Report news articles to research political bias and read about how when the Clinton administration vacated the White House. I wanted to know what specifically this was. A Google search turned up a New York Times article about what happened. W’s were removed from keyboards. Messages against the new President… Read More »