Fact Check Friday 2 : Did Hillary Clinton let 3 marines and a diplomat die in Benghazi?

By | November 25, 2016

A co-worker of mine just told me the reason why he couldn’t vote for Hillary was because she let four people die during Benghazi. He was basing this off of what was in the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of BenghaziHe claimed that they wanted to retreat to a special facility that was secret but they couldn’t because doing so would compromise the clandestine nature of this facility. Ultimately, that facility was revealed anyways so what she was trying to do wasn’t even accomplished in the end.

I couldn’t find any reference to a clandestine facility in any of the articles I read. In this article from The Federalist, former Navy Seal Tej Gill holds Hillary Clinton directly responsible for his friends’ deaths at Benghazi because she refused to upgrade the security for the facility, ultimately denying 600 requests to do so. This Quora post asked the same question as I did and in it, they explain that the Benghazi facility was not an embassy or a consulate and this is why the security was not as high as it normally would be. Requests were made to upgrade the security but Congress would not allocate the necessary funds to do so. This seems to be confirmed in this article from CNN.

So it doesn’t appear that Clinton was directly responsible for the deaths at Benghazi. (If you have any evidence to the contrary, please comment below.)

Also, as someone who self-identifies as a gamer and a former Eve Online player, I would be remiss if I didn’t drop a link to the story of Sean “Vile Rat” Smith, who was a high profile Eve Online player killed in the attack.

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