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What organs can’t be transplanted? What organ has the highest rejection rate?

Organ transplants are commonly used as devices in film and television to create tension or humor. A dying patient desperately needs an organ transplant in order to survive. There’s a zany mix up and, somehow, Mr. Johnson’s heart transplant ends up in someone’s ham sandwich. As much as organ transplants are a basic staple of our… Read More »

What are some Supreme Court original cases?

Two kinds of cases are put before the Supreme Court: appeals from the appeals court and original jurisdiction cases.  Original jurisdiction cases are usually between states. There haven’t been that many. Its Wikipedia page only lists about 27 cases. A lot of cases were over border disputes: New Hampshire v. Maine, Florida v. Georgia, Maryland v. West Virginia, New… Read More »

Who designed the US flag?

Recently, I was reading about the District of Columbia attempting to become a US State instead of a Federal District and all of the various things that could arise from that situation. An interesting thing they brought up was how the US flag will change after Washington DC becomes the next US state. This got… Read More »

Secondhand Sunday 4 : Thanksgiving Hoax, Protests, & Google Fake News

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax (Or How The Pilgrims Ended Socialism 400 Years Ago) via Zero Hedge How Mushrooms Could Help Replenish Forests After Clearcut Logging via Motherboard Why rural voters don’t vote Democratic anymore via WonkBlog What Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Actually Do via Lifehacker Will Human Evolution Be Shaped by Climate Change? via Gizmodo… Read More »

Simple Saturday 6 : 13.1 Stickers, One Time, & Thanksgiving

Why doesn’t Keepass have an e-mail slot? Keepass does allow custom strings, which could be used for e-mail addresses. (Source)   Is Colombia the fifth largest country in the New World? No. I thought the countries were ranked in order of population as so: United States of America Brazil Mexico Canada Colombia Wrong! It’s actually: United… Read More »

Fact Check Friday 2 : Did Hillary Clinton let 3 marines and a diplomat die in Benghazi?

A co-worker of mine just told me the reason why he couldn’t vote for Hillary was because she let four people die during Benghazi. He was basing this off of what was in the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. He claimed that they wanted to retreat to a special facility that was secret but… Read More »

Did rival gang members really tie their bandannas together in solidarity like in Straight Outta Compton?

Last year, I was watching Straight Outta Compton and during the movie, there’s a scene that depicts the LA riots. In that scene, a Blood and a Crip tie their respective bandannas together as a show of solidarity against the police. I was pretty dismissive when I first saw that scene. It felt like heavy-handed… Read More »