Monthly Archives: October 2016

Meaningless Monday 1 : K Dot & STDs, Julian Assange duty, & Slovakian cars

How did Kendrick Lamar’s experience with STDs affect him? So this was a mistake. I thought the following lyrics: I fucked Sherane and went to tell my bros Then Usher Raymond “Let It Burn” came on I thought the lyrics were: I fucked Sherane and went to tell my bros Listen to Usher Raymond “then that… Read More »

How does Howard Dean feel about his scream?

I was reading about the Dukakis gaffe with headwear that became the foundation of the rule that presidents do not wear hats. At the end of the article, Dukakis discusses how he felt about the whole situation and it made me think about other political scandals that happened during my lifetime. Probably the biggest one,… Read More »

Simple Saturday 1: Cell Phones Dropped Off Roller Coasters, Jay Z’s tattoos & Larry Page’s voice

What happened to the lawsuit against 2 Chains for calling that girl “thot”? Dismissed. Are there derogatory terms for Canadians? Yes. What is the Goldwater rule? It is a rule barring psychiatrists from speculating on the mental health of a celebrity. This was established in 1973 after Fact magazine published a poll of psychiatrists speculating about… Read More »

Why are there so many Filipino caregivers?

Where I work, there is an inordinate amount of Filipino caregivers. There is a small population where I live (We have a neighborhood that is colloquially known as Little Manilla.) but the overall demographics do not reflect how many Filipinos regularly come in as caregivers. (There’s a similar situation with appliance repair people of Eastern European descent,… Read More »

Who runs GPS?

I was listening to the Freakonomics  podcast episode 260 “Why Are We Still Using Cash?”. Manu Saadia, author of Trekonomics, was talking about the money-less universe of Star Trek. His assertion was that we could be motivated by the greater public good instead of money and there’s some precedent in current times: GPS. The GPS system was created… Read More »