Monthly Archives: September 2016

Do I need to use a turn signal in a roundabout?

We have one roundabout in the town that I live in. It’s a foreign concept to me, but it’s nice to be acquainted with new things. One thing I’ve noticed is that every time I use the roundabout, I never use a turn signal. This violates the central precept that I live by when driving:… Read More »

Is race or gender more likely to be an issue with a black woman travelling internationally?

Black people are discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Besides the troubles in America, I often hear stories about black people in Asia and Eastern Europe being pointed at and mocked for no other reason than being black. Women are often treated less than because of their gender. In the Middle East,… Read More »

When did presidential polling contradict the election results?

After “researching”, I found that nearly all election results were within 4% of polling results. Interestingly, the largest deviation at 5% was also the one election where the person that polling indicated would win was the one who lost: Truman vs. Dewey. The year is 1948. Harry Truman has issued a peacetime military draft. Babe Ruth dies… Read More »

What is Material Design?

Back when I was researching my competitors for Do It! Prove It!, a few of the competitors would have their apps featured on design websites. One of these apps was Bucketlistly. A quick Google search did not reveal anything about Material Design. I know it’s something about UI or maybe a design paradigm but what… Read More »