What is the difference between a rocket and a missile?

  Rocket and missile seem to be used interchangeably.  “We fired a missile at an enemy base.” seems to be about the same as “We fired a rocket at an enemy base”. Given this ambiguity, it makes me wonder how exactly what the difference between the two words is.   Rocket is defined as: a… Read More »

What were Twitter’s competitors: Pluggd and Dodgeball?

While researching how Twitter was created, I ran into this really great Techcrunch article that announced the release of Twitter. In it, they compare it to Dodgeball and someone else commented about it being similar to Pluggd. Dodgeball was a service that was founded in 2000 by an Alex Rainert. It let you text your location and… Read More »

Which acts of President Bush did Obama immediately repeal upon taking office?

Donald Trump has run on a platform of reversing many of the things Obama has set in motion during his presidency. This made me wonder, “What acts of President Bush did Obama reverse upon being inaugurated?” I asked on /r/Ask_Politics and /u/tayaravaknin’s answer was essential to pointing me in the right direction   Executive Order 13233 – Further… Read More »

What are the economics of a Christmas tree farm?

Today, a coworker of mine told me they bought a Christmas tree for $50. That discussion made me wonder how much money there really was in Christmas trees. Like, how are farms making enough money to stay in business and how are the people that sell them making enough money? I know that there’s always… Read More »

Do other countries have Thanksgiving?

Before I started digging into Thanksgiving, I thought it was just some kind of historical holiday where Pilgrims were able to peacefully interact with Native Americans and survive the winter. Eventually, in modern times it became this vague holiday about “giving thanks” and “being thankful”. Thanksgiving is a traditional celebration of harvest. Given that people… Read More »

Who became a billionaire as an employee?

Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world. He did so by founding Microsoft and making it one of the biggest companies in the world. Time and time again, all of the billionaires that I saw at the top of the list of the richest people in the world were people who… Read More »

Where did the US embassy move in Moscow?

While researching the Siberian Seven for Has anyone else been holed up in a foreign embassy like Julian Assange?, I read this article from 1981 that said there may be another problem with them staying at the embassy: …in a few years, even that could conceivably present problems: The embassy is scheduled to move to new quarters. Out… Read More »